Special Student Rights and Responsibilites

Books must be ordered each term according to the following schedule:

2010 - 2011 Academic Year
  Start Date End Date # weeks
Book Order Deadline   22-Sep 10
Fall 27-Sep 3-Dec 10
Exam Week 4-Dec 10-Dec  
Book Order Deadline   24-Dec 10
Winter 3-Jan 12-Mar 10
Exam Week 13-Mar 19-Mar  
Book Order Deadline   21-Mar 10
Spring 28-Mar 4-Jun 10
Exam Week 5-Jun 11-Jun  
Book Order Deadline   13-Jun 10
Summer 20-Jun 13-Aug 8
Exam Week 14-Aug 20-Aug  
Place book orders so that you have the books on time for the start of class.
Digital books can be ordered with immediate ability to access.
Keep in mind shipping and delivery time if you order print editions.

Access eBookstore here

Accessibility Issues

Federal law requires post-secondary schools to make their programs and services available to all students, including students with disabilities. Online technologies can make many more resources and educational opportunities available to students who would not otherwise be able to participate. These same technologies can also pose other limitations to be overcome.

Privacy Issues

Student records and information are considered private and Northern California University goes to great lengths to protect student data. A student’s educational records are, in fact, protected under federal law http://www.ed.gov/offices/OM/fpco/ferpa

Security Issues

Even if you do not use computers at NCalU, you’ll still be making use of accounts and services provided by NCalU. There are policies which regulate appropriate computing practice which includes selecting good passwords for your computer accounts and making sure your use of NCalU computing accounts and other resources is legal and ethical. These policies help to provide a secure and safe environment for all computer users associated with the University.