Northern California University prepares students to go wherever their future leads them, around the globe and into any of the countless fields’, from economics to the environment, public policy to public service. Our updated curriculum, rich in interdisciplinary offerings, reflects the evolving world and the diverse careers our alumni will undertake. Skill-building experiences and teamwork courses address the demands of today's workplace — whether entrepreneurs or working in today's large firms — face from their first day on the job: solving problems, specializing, collaborating. There are plenty of opportunities for hands-on practice — sharpen skills, cultivate perspective, and open students’ eyes to the many possibilities beyond education.

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When You are Ready to Graduate

Research fields of interest, write a compelling but succinct resume, and don't forget follow up and thank you letters. Network with your associates who may help you get started! Career News:

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Writing Resumes, Thank You Letters, and Cover Letters
Tips, Guidance and Advice:

Consider writing an online portfolio and use a free or low-cost service to publish it.