About Our Students

From first-year through to graduate studies, our students exemplify the Faculty’s high standards of academic excellence and social responsibility. An extremely diverse group, they contribute to the university’s dynamic online atmosphere. Northern California University is proud to have some of the nation's most diverse, intelligent and promising students.

We welcome all kinds of students from all kinds of backgrounds,and we believe profoundly in higher education as a means to develop every student to their full potential. We prepare our graduate to become leaders in their industry.Diversity is the catalyst of creativity and we believe is a key ingredient of life; and diversity is something we positively encourage among our students. At Northern University students will meet a wide scope of people. Students will meet mature students and school leavers, part-time and full-time students. Students at Northern California University will merge with international students, who have come from all over the world. Students will have the opportunity to study and socialize with disabled students and students that are young and older. Just about every type of student one can imagine. Northern California University provides students with an academic and social setting where students quickly can become active members of the university community.

From the first day, the opportunities of academic and personal growth are countless. Our outstanding and innovative academic offerings combine with a diverse university community, and an exceptional faculty, makes Northern California University one of the nation’s sought after online school. The quality of the educational experience students find at Northern California University is unparalleled. Students can see various pages throughout Northern California University’s web site of windows into the many opportunities available to undergraduate and graduate students at Northern California University.