NCALU School of STRATEGY & Investment Banking (NSSIB)

The Business School at Northern California University

Dedicated to Investment Banking, Strategy & Family Office Management

We are proud to announce …… Northern California University (NCU) School of Business has partnered with Indus Institute of Investment Banking, Strategy & Research (IIIBSR) to deliver certificates, post graduate programs, and doctoral programs in major areas such as investment banking, strategy, and office management. NCU is fostering this partnership to address global challenges and share knowledge –Global Shared Knowledge (GSK), which is the cornerstone of the strategic partnership vision. The Global Partnership Programs with shared governance are a basic building blocks our success.

The partnership between NCalU and IIIBSR aims to maintain the depth and focus on the latest developments in the industry that are set within a practical business context.  With the truly international educational background IIBSR, all the program offerings are never short of a global perspective.

These programs enable students to think from first principles, deal with issues and contribute to the formulation of industry-related strategies upon graduation.  Programs include attributes such as;

  • *Learn from a multidisciplinary and integrative curriculum that reinforces strategic and international  dimensions of global industries.
  • *Global business context.
  • *Rigorous, critical analysis of issues in industry markets.
  • *Understanding of the interaction, services, and economics in the public and private sectors.
  • *Develop skills necessary to tackle problems within the complex world.
  • *Study with other students from around the world.
  • *Prepare and implement findings directed at the evaluation of corporate, investment, market, and risk  management situations.
  • *Learn business and cultural skills that are necessary to the professional workplace in an  international context


What is NCALU Institute of Strategy & Investment Banking?

To operate at the cutting edge of today’s pace across industries and stretch the boundaries of knowledge and practices in such a competitive environment; demands professionals who are able to combine extensive field expertise, outstanding analytical & research skills with critical thinking.

While undergraduate degrees, professional experience and qualifications like the MBA\ CFA\ CA develop these set of competencies to a certain extent - professionals need to equip themselves further to emerge as thought leaders who drive innovation and global best practices. The programs offered by NCALU School of Strategy & Investment Banking aims to do precisely this.

NCALU School of Strategy & Investment Banking offers multiple programs with an aim to broaden the outlook and strengthen the skills of practicing executives from across the globe and prepare them for newer challenges in fluctuating economic cycles. Read more about these programs here.

What is IIIBSR saying about the partnership?

Indus Institute of Investment Banking, Strategy & Research (IIIBSR) – The first institute dedicated to the study of investment banking, Strategy & Family Office Management. Such a partnership provides a cross cultural exposure and a global perspective to students. The combined knowledge base and network ensure that students gain valuable insights from wide-ranging interaction with their peer group from other organizations on management concepts & practices and applicability in a global context.

While NCALU brings world class education and recognition, IIIBSR brings the industry perspective and expertise in investment banking & strategic management. A combination that has received many accolades from the Industry.

Meet PARESH SHETHN, Director and Dean of Asia Pacific for NSSIB.

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