BSBA Core Coursework

With a presence in virtually every sector of the economy, Business Administration continues to be a heavily sought-after skill with a universal appeal. The result: future leaders prepared to take on national and global business needs, grounded in a fundamental and sound understanding of management and business.

This program of study can be completed in its entirety of 121 credits. For students who have completed at least 60 minimal credits from NCalU or an approved and or accredited institution as evidenced by transcript evaluation, the program can be completed with 61 additional credits. Degrees earned abroad must be deemed equivalent to a U.S. credit.

For students who have completed up to 60 credits, the BS in Business Administration requires completion of 24 foundation coursework units, 25 core coursework units, and 12 units of selected major courses.

Students must complete 121 credit hours of coursework to earn a bachelor of science in business administration. Students may choose one of the several Certificates in Advanced Studies in place of the twelve (12) units of selected major courses.

See Minimum Transfer Credit

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