Faculty Members

We place the highest priority on providing effective, competent, and dedicated teachers. Above all, NCalU faculty members challenge students to become intellectually courageous, develop confidence to risk new ideas and challenge old ones, learn to be critically analytical and at the same time be willing to subject their own ideas to scrutiny by their peers, and grow to be creative and remain curious throughout their lives. NCalU is also committed to sustaining a faculty that reflects the world’s diversity and understands the importance of imparting the skill of collaboration and the value of trust. The energy, creativity, and commitment of our outstanding educators help instill the joy of lifelong learning in our students.

Our Faculty

Paul Bowers, M.Ed.
Academic Writing (BSBA).

Triza Crittle, MLS
Introduction to Business (BSBA), Professional Communications (BSBA), Introduction to Business Research (BSBA).

Patricia Duncan, MBA
Principles of Financial Accounting (BSBA), Principles of Managerial Accounting (BSBA).

Jeffrey Fuhs, MBA
Principles of Microeconomics (BSBA), Managerial Economics and Business Strategy (MBA), Global Economics (MBA).

Sherolyn Gibson, MBA
Marketing Principles and Application (BSBA).

Hannah Guada, MS, MPA
Human Resource Management (BSBA).

Librado Gonzalez, Ph.D., JD
Production and Operations Managment (BSBA), Introduction to Corporate Finance (MBA), Operations Management and Strategy (MBA), Supply Chain Management Certificate of Advanced Studies.

Davette Harvey, BS, MA
Strategic Marketing Management - Advanced (MBA), Global Competitive Strategy (MBA), Entrepreneurship Certificate of Advanced Studies.

Craig Manfredi, JD
Principles of Management (BSBA), Legal Environment of Business (BSBA), Commercial Law (MBA).

Victoria McMartin, JD
Organizational Behavior (BSBA).

Rita Peters, MBA
Financial Accounting (MBA).

Pamela Poulson, M. Ed.
Becoming an Online Learner.

Sandra Smith, Ph.D.
Principles of Macroeconomics (BSBA).

Sean Stephens, MBA
Quantitative Methods in Business (BSBA), Essentials of Business Statistice (MBA).

Luther Thompson, JD
Business Law (BSBA), Leadership and Organizational Behavior (MBA), Leadership Certificate of Advanced Studies.

Bryce Walker, M. Ed.
Business Policy and Strategy (MBA).

Jon Zurfluh, M. Ed.
Psychology (BSBA).

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