Transcript Requests

All academic work for which students register for credit at Northern California University becomes part of a student's academic record and is included on the NCalU transcript, unless a student is withdrawn from a course by the regular deadline for withdrawal from courses.

Requests for transcripts must be made in writing, and bear an original signature of the person requesting the record unless the request is completed on the forms page. Transcripts are issued only when obligations to the Northern California University have been paid in full or satisfactory arrangements have been made to do so. The Registrar's Office does not issue "unofficial" transcripts on demand. A form is available in the Forms page on the About NCalU menu.

Transcripts are usually issued two times (2x) a month. Although transcripts frequently are issued earlier, students must allow ten working days for the processing of transcripts. Transcripts for currently enrolled students are not issued during the grading periods at the end of each semester.

The charge for one official transcript is $10. Upon graduation, students are provided one official transcript without charge.