Academic Policy

A fundamental goal of the University is to foster an environment in which its members may study and work productively together, making use of the rich resources of the University, in individual and collective pursuit of academic excellence, extracurricular accomplishment, and personal challenge.

On this Web site are many but not all of the present official policies of the university. These policies have been established to create a safe and productive academic and work environment. All university employees and students are expected to be familiar with these policies and to follow them.

Each student is responsible for knowing Northern California University rules, regulations, requirements, and academic policies. This catalog is the normal repository of policy statements but corrections, changes, or interpretations can be promulgated by other means, including electronic publication. When the University or one of its academic units makes changes in course requirements, grading procedures, or the level of qualitative performance expected of its students for acceptance into particular programs, academic standing, or graduation, the changes apply to all students enrolled at the time of implementation of the change and thereafter.

All policies, procedures, fees, and charges are subject to change at any time by appropriate action of the faculty, the university administration, or the University Governing Board. A forty -five-day (45) prior notice to all affected students of any and all changes within the academic standards and policies will be made.