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We extend to you a warm welcome from the Academic Affairs Division at Northern California University! We are a comprehensive academic department conducting research and offering coursework and academic programs in all areas of the university. Please explore our website and see the opportunities our deaprtment offers! We are exceptionally excited that you have decided to "LEARN MORE" about Northern California University.

This is intended to give students who are new to an online learning environment a brief introduction to issues and skills involved in becoming successful as an online learner.

Online learning may be referred to by several different titles, including:

  • Distance education
  • Online education
  • Online learning
  • E-Learning
  • Web-based education

Important Reading for Students

Successful Online Student Responsibilities [click here]

To our students: It is very important that you read the information contained in the above link and take very seriously your responsibilities for online learning! In this mode of education, you must be very attentive to your studies, login to the course sites (and each course in which you are enrolled) at least three times weekly, complete all assignments on time or make prior arrangements with your instructor in extenuating circumstances.

However you or your instructors choose to refer to it, this environment offers unique challenges and unique opportunities. As you read through this introduction, begin to anticipate how these issues may impact you and how you learn. These ideas are not “magic bullets” that can transform you into a model student overnight. Rather, they help to point out common situations faced by online learners. Some may help you formulate your own strategies and practices. Others may not be relevant to your situation. Some will introduce you to the unique environment of online learning through Northern California University.

We urge you to become an active participant in all that Northern California University has to offer. Embrace and engage in all the many organizations, activities, and events. Become a dynamic participant within the University community.We are committed to providing students with a student-centered, learning-driven environment, and our faculty who are committed to teaching and learning, scholarship, and community service. We hope to fulfill our obligation of helping you develop lifelong friends, to critically listen, think, and to ask challenging questions, and finally to make the right decision about your future and career choices.

We pride ourselves on high quality course design for effective online learning. Our Dean of Faculty ensures that the necessary support and professional development is provided to our faculty for excellence in course design and delivery. You may contact our Dean of Faculty anytime if you would be interested in being part of our exciting academic team. Our faculty are highly respected in their fields of endeavor and bring a lot of work world experience to the classroom. Our Dean of Faculty is actively participating in the delivery on content online through her own teaching contributions at NCalU. Everyone on the NCalU team is ready to assist you in any way we can.

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