University’s Mission

The mission of the Northern California University is to bring a traditional legal education to students with an online setting. NCalU offers an alternative to the classroom by allowing ourstudents live online lectures in the comfort of their home rather than a classroom setting.

Northern California University is dedicated to the responsibility of teaching a higher education. NCalU will strive for excellence in teaching and will go beyond training students in the necessary technical skills. In pursuit of our mission we develop our students in demonstrated ability to serve society in multiple legal and business professions.

Northern California University fosters intellectual inquiry, knowledge and understanding ofthe law , essential professional skill, perspective on the roles in society, and the disposition and principles necessary to serve in society as leaders.

Our instructional mission includes undergraduate, graduate, and continuing and distance education informed by scholarship and research. Research and other creative endeavors comprise an essential component of Northern California University‘s mission. All faculty members contribute to the discovery and dissemination of new knowledge. These efforts, supported by public and private resources, are conducted in an atmosphere of open inquiry and academic freedom.

Professors at NCalU recognize that the legal practice serves the common good. The curriculum is taught by a faculty committed to excellence in teaching and seeks to prepare students to be outstanding members of the their chosen profession or to use their education to make important contributions to law and public policy in other fields of endeavor. Faculty members are actively engaged in research in their respective areas of expertise. The roles enrich teaching and learning by contributing to the understanding, development and reform of the law and promotes excellence within the University.

Many of our graduates will serve in state and federal governments while others will serve in the private sector.The university is committed to providing a broad range of undergraduate and graduate programs and services to prepare its students for varied roles as responsible citizens and leaders in a democratic and diverse society. Its programs encourage intellectual and moral growth, prepare students for meaningful careers and professions, instill the values of lifelong learning, and encourage civic responsibility, public service and understanding among social groups in a global society. This is accomplished through a dynamic, interactive, interdisciplinary,and personalized education that integrates theory and practice with traditional and progressive pedagogical approaches.

The general mission of the school is to increase human knowledge in their field of study. The role of Northern California University is to provide professional, principled instruction to our students.

NCalU offers a broad curriculum and complementary extracurricular activities designed for the changing legal and business environment. NCalU is here to serve the people of California and the world through preeminence in creating, communicating, preserving and applying knowledge, and academic values, and in developing leaders and citizens who will challenge the present and enrich the future. Northern California University therefore will expose our students to a rock solid education that will serve as a model for future distance education schools as we utilize modern technology to serve students now and in the future.

Northern California University draws on the diverse and complementary efforts of individual members of the university’s community, seeking to blend the unique talents of each to achieve a goal common to all.We are committed to measuring results against self-defined and national standards. Through this ongoing assessment, one in which students, faculty, and staff participate; we will improve continuously and establish accountability for results.