Board of Governors

The Board of Directors is a group of people who each bring their unique skills and resources to the task of overseeing and caring for our organization. They meet monthly as a full group to ensure that the organization stays true to its mission, stays in compliance with the law and with best practices, has the resources it needs to succeed, and to plan for our long-term health and well-being. Throughout the year, Board members contribute their energy and time to supporting NCalU's programs as leaders and committee members. They are a wonderful group of talented and creative people, and their leadership and support are critical to Northern California University's success!

Dr. Perry Faison, J.D., LLM, President, Board of Directors [bio page]

Dr. Michael Harder, J.D., Compliance Officer, Board of Directors

Dr. Dianna Anderson, J.D., Board of Directors

Lorrinda S. Michieka, MBA, PMP, Board of Directors [bio page]


Letter from the President of the Board of Northern California University

Welcome to Northern California University!

We are a University rich in history, academic excellence and leadership. The heart of NCalU's success resides in our dedicated staff, robust student body and outstanding faculty members. The quality, breadth, and depth of this University’s intellectual resources create a remarkable community of scholars. This is the NCalU's Difference.

Northern California University has a proud history. It is also changing rapidly to meet the needs of new students and the students of the future. This fall, you are joining others from around the nation and all over the world who are serious about their studies and committed to the long-term good of this institution and the larger community. Welcome.

Your job as a NCalU student is to find the opportunities that will help you to develop your talents; our responsibility is to provide those opportunities in special academic programs, undergraduate research, student clubs, and a range of other possibilities

At NCalU, attention to the undergraduate experience is our first priority. We do our best to provide a caring and relaxed environment for you to develop and pursue your personal and academic goals. Our faculty is committed to your future; our staff is ready to assist you. When you leave with your degree, we want you to be competitive in the job market with graduates of the best colleges and universities in the country

I hope you will immerse yourself in the stimulating life of the university. I wish you well as you begin an exciting academic year. Enjoy it.

Dr. Perry Faison, J.D. LLM
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